How to boost your memory

26 Nov How to boost your memory

We’ve all walked into a room and forgotten what we went in there for, or have shaken our heads in disbelief when we realised we’d missed our father’s birthday or a parents’ evening at our children’s school.

Forgetfulness happens, whether we’re university professors, hairstylists or stay-at-home mums. Anyone who’s ever been up all night with a teething baby knows all about brain fog the next day, when even the simplest of questions can be challenging. But a good night’s sleep usually sorts you out and reboots your memory. Similarly, stressed-out executives with deadlines looming tend to forget everyday things, but once the annual report’s done, they revert to being on the ball again.

Experts stress these memory lapses are quite normal and from time to time everyone goes to their computer, then forgets who they were going to email. And there are many causes of memory loss, most of which are easy to sort out.

According to Dr Yaseen Aslam, a consultant psychiatrist at The LightHouse Arabia ( in Dubai, everyday forgetfulness is normal. “We’re all accustomed to being agitated when we can’t remember where we left our wallet or our keys,” says Dr Aslam. “This type of memory problem often occurs when we don’t pay sufficient attention to our surroundings.

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