The breast cancer diet

26 Nov The breast cancer diet

While the statistics surrounding breast cancer – one in 12 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime and more than 1.7 million are diagnosed globally each year – are shocking enough to make most of us lose our appetites, there is a huge underlying problem increasing the risk of developing the disease: an unhealthy diet.

Recent research published in the respected medical journal Cancer suggests that in a large number of cases, sufferers have one thing in common – a diet high in saturated fat and sodium and not enough fibre.

In the US-based study conducted over 10 years, researchers analysed the diets of 1,533 people who had been treated for cancer. They compared the quality of what they ate to the diets of more than 3,000 randomly selected people who had never been diagnosed with the disease.

Experts were surprised to note that the cancer survivors ate less fibre and more saturated fat and foods high in sugar and sodium. Their vitamin D intake was lower – just 31 per cent of the recommended amount – along with vitamin E, which was just 47 per cent of what’s recommended. 

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